The Spring Boutique
"Where fashion sings 'I will survive!'"
Summer is here! The Spring Boutique now features light and bright clothing perfect for beautiful summer days in Florida!

Tops begin at $4.99
Pants begin at $4.99
Dresses and suits including designers, begin at $9.99 - 19.99

The Spring Boutique has classic novels, summer readers and back to school reading list titles at exceptional savings! Check US out!

Hardbacks begin at $1.99
Paperbacks begin at   .99

Stylish cotton tees and light weight tops.

Now beginning at $4.99 each

Perfect for business meetings or everyday wear.  Our gently worn suits will create the impression you want at a price you can afford. Stain resistant, breathable fabric. Machine washable. Available only in white.Various styles and colors available.

Some originally sold as high as $250 new...some NWT!

Fabulous PANTS and SUITS are now HALF-OFF!


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